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Negative Energy Cleansing Ritual

The main objective of this ritual is to free you from negative energies that may be blocking your progress and allow you to move towards your goals and dreams. The ritual can also help you feel more balanced and connected to your inner self, which can lead you to a state of greater peace and … Read more

Coca Leaf Reading Ritual

Coca reading is an ancient Andean tradition that consists of interpreting the patterns that are formed by throwing coca leaves on a table. This practice has been used for centuries as a way to gain spiritual guidance and advice in indigenous communities in South America. Coca leaves are considered sacred by many Andean cultures, and … Read more

Flower Bath Inca Ritual

The flower bath ritual is a unique experience that combines relaxation and aromatherapy to achieve a state of peace and balance in the body and mind. This immersion bath is made with a mixture of fresh flowers, herbs and essential oils that are added to the hot water of the bathtub. During the bath, the … Read more