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Cusco - Peru

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Kalma Spa Cusco

Kalma Spa Cusco is located in Cusco near to main square;  we provide the best massages in Cusco with a wide experience we offer a professional and high quality service focus on creating an quiet environment that is relaxing and therapeutic to all customers. Our goal is to help you leave the outside world and enter a world of tranquility and wellness also we have expertly trained massage and skin care therapists are fully committed to customizing each treatment to fit your needs. Our massage therapists are certified by prestigious institutions they are passionate about providing safe and effective massage therapy to help you perform and function better.

We Offer best Massages in Cusco

Inca Massages

The Inca Massage is a therapeutic massage technique that originates in Peru

Full Body Massages

Full body massage, as the name suggests, is a type of massage that is performed

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage has the purpose of eliminating tensions and ...

Foot and Leg Massage

Foot and leg massage is a highly effective therapeutic technique that can provide

Inca Healing Massages

If you are in Cusco you have to experience the Inca healing massage, after trek or

Hot Stone Massages

This technique uses hot stones to apply heat and pressure to different areas of the

Why Choose us?

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • We have a great passionate team
  • We have a certified masseours
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • We use natural oils and products
  • We offer special promotions
  • We have also male therapists

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments for the fingernails and toenails, respectively. These treatments include a variety of services that may include nail cleaning and

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Beauty Treatments

Facial Treatment

Facial treatment is a set of techniques and therapies designed to improve the health and appearance of facial skin. This type of treatment focuses on

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Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine

Coca Leaf Reading Ritual

Coca reading is an ancient Andean tradition that consists of interpreting the patterns that are formed by throwing coca leaves on a table. This practice

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Traditional Medicine

Flower Bath Inca Ritual

The flower bath ritual is a unique experience that combines relaxation and aromatherapy to achieve a state of peace and balance in the body and

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“The excellent place, met expectations, everything is clean, tidy and you feel a unique tranquility, the massages and the service in general are the best.”

Wade Warren